Glowstick, bad goes in boom goes out


Codename: Pulse Real Name: Adrien MacArthur Age: 18 HT: 5’10” WT: 140lbs Eyes: Green (glow) Hair: Black w/ green streak Species: Mutant

Adrien never had an easy childhood growing up in a lower class neighborhood in Chicago. His parents were always working trying to scrape by so their family of five (Adrien has an older sister and a younger brother) could have a roof over their heads and food in their stomach. Being the middle child Adrien always found himself in trouble, whether at school, the mall, or even on the street. He never seemed content and was always finding new ways to occupy himself. His father, in order to get him to stay out of trouble, would let him come by his garage and do some minor repairs on cars. Even at a young age he grasped the knowledge quickly could even do minor repairs and even drive a car before he was 13.

Then one day while he was helping his dad do some work on a car his eyes, arms and hands started to hurt. He thought maybe he was just overworked and finished up what he was doing and went out back to sneak a smoke. He leaned against the garages backup generator and his hands started feeling really hot, as he pulled them away he felt himself get launched about 10ft away. He woke up to see his dad looking at him really scared like, the 20ft wide hole in the side of the building and his arms glowing like a glowstick.

Adrien was taken to the hospital and had multiple tests done on him. After keeping him at the hospital for a few days it was revealed he was a mutant. The hospital told his parents there wasnt anything they could do other than to take him to be registered and keep an eye on him and anyone who might wish him harm.

As time went on Adrien got himself into more and more trouble. He was constantly getting into fights with mutant-phobes at schoool (including both teachers and students), people on the street or with the police. Adrien’s parents were starting to fall on hard times again with Adriend being a recognized mutant certain places wouldnt hire his parents or older sister and business slowed to a crawl at his dad’s workshop. So Adriend did what any child with power would do, he stole. He used his powers in conjunction with his knowledge of technology and cars to steal radios and bust open ATM’s. This got him caught by the police a couple times and finally thrown into juvenile hall. Each day was torture for him as he was always beat and harrassed by the other kids and the guards did nothing to stop the fighting unless he stopped moving. Then one day a large teen came up to him and beat him over the head with pipe he broke off from a sink. As the teen kept hitting Adrien, he grabbed the pipe and caused it to explode in the teens hands. Adrien was beat and detained by the guards for using his powers to intentionally harm the teen.

He overheard the guards and the “warden” talk about what was going to happen to him (sent to a meta-human jail), he heard a woman’s calming voice in his head. She introduced herself as Emma Frost and told him that he would be taken to Xavier’s School and that he would be safe there. The next day four people in black and yellow leather suits with large X’s on them came for him. They told the warden that he was to be taken into the custody of Xavier’s School. For the next four years of his life he was taught to control his abilities and harness them for protection and to only be used to protect others.


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